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Art Therapy

In Art Therapy, art making can be seen as a language other than the spoken words created and defined by image making, the use of art media, the reflection on the process of the experience of creating art and the unique relationship with an art therapist. Art therapy helps children and teens express with art making what words find difficult to say or cannot explain. Art therapy has different therapeutic applications according to children/teens’ needs. It can be offered one/one or in group.

Parent - Child Art Therapy

Parent-Child Art Therapy is a joint approach to art making between a caregiver and a toddler/child/teen. Goals of intervention are specific to each dyad. Parent-Child Art Therapy, typically, offers children/teen and parents an opportunity to repair conflicts and struggles in the relationship in a setting filled with creativity, enjoyment and sensory stimulation. With infants and toddlers, Parent-Child Art Therapy is also offered as a group modality.